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Providing A Safe Environment With Safety Screens

Implementing Safety Screens to keep you open

We see safety screens in banks or post offices, it’s normal and we’re not offended or put off by them. So we should be able to accept safety screens in other transactional areas.

There is no getting away from safety screens being a physical barrier. The difference is, the pandemic has changed our view on safety screens. They are a welcome sight in our every day life giving us the feeling of protection, not alienation.

Graphic Arts Group Reception Desk Safety Screens
Safety screens help reduce the transmission of airborne diseases.

Bespoke Safety Screens

We have installed our bespoke solutions in lecture theatres, offices and waiting rooms. Enabling face-to-face contact, our safety screens receive positive feedback from staff and customers. 

  Desk top safety screens installed by Graphic Arts Group within a lecture theatre allow students to return to study

Simple safety screen matrix opens up a lecture theatre

Adding safety screens to your environment can also add value to space

Projects that work with social distancing measures can be very effective.  Safety screens are being used as a feature. Etching a design onto the screen, you can make a big impact, in a positive way!


Reassure visitors with simple social distancing measures that blend in to your environment.

A trusted supplier to the NHS, Higher Education and Public Sector. Our team have created solutions for lecture theatres, hospitals, offices and hospitality customers.
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