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Office Feature Wall Ideas

Feature Walls aren’t just for our homes…

Thanks to various design programmes and glossy interior design magazines,  we’re familiar with the concept of a feature or accent wall in our homes. Decorated differently from the rest of the room it draws the eye and adds a focal point.

The same is similar in hotels, retail, offices, schools and even hospitals. Feature or Accent walls can communicate brand values, achievements or products and services. When key messages are mixed with design elements, an eye-catching feature wall can transform space into a creative hub, an inspirational break room or a calming oasis for a waiting room.

4 Reasons why  feature wall would be beneficial in your office

  1. Enhances visual interest: A feature wall can help break up the monotony of bland office spaces by adding visual interest and texture. It can create a focal point and draw attention to important areas of the room, such as brand values or goals.
  2. Branding and identity: A feature wall can be used to showcase a company’s brand or identity through the use of colours, graphics, or images. It can help reinforce the company’s message and create a cohesive look and feel throughout the office.
  3. Improves acoustics: Depending on the materials used, a feature wall can help absorb sound and improve the acoustics of a room. This can be particularly beneficial in open-plan offices or spaces with hard surfaces that can cause echoes. Ever tried recording a video in a large open office space? Terrible sound!
  4. Boosts morale: A feature wall can also help create a more positive and engaging work environment. It can inspire creativity, spark conversation, and contribute to a sense of pride and ownership in the workplace.

What types of feature walls are there?

  • If you’re on a budget and want to use an image,  text or mix of both,  simple wall graphics could be your best option.  Flexible for different wall materials,  wall graphics are perfect for small spaces,  stairwells, corridors or office backdrops.
Adding brand values to a stairwell…
  • Using wallpaper, you can also transform a bland meeting room and create an inspirational workspace using impactful images.
Graphic Arts Group Wall Graphic
Using iconic projects pride
  • Not all workspaces need to be serious,  this fun design is appropriate for the brand and meeting room.
Graphic Arts Meeting Room Wall Graphics
Have fun with your design and bring out the best in your team
  • You can also use living walls,  different materials such as wood panels or lighting to create a show stopping feature wall.  If budgets won’t stretch to a living wall like this, get creative with a wallpaper design,  even consider adding artwork with illusions to create the perception of depth or space.
Hotel Living Wall
Draw dropping hotel lobbies, inspire office interiors

Light can also lift your feature wall.

Used frequently in rooms with poor light, or if the windows have no view or offer no privacy. A tranquil image backed by light can provide a soothing atmosphere to a waiting or treatment room.

Light boxes create a totally different vibe
Why not add light for a calming vibe

Feature or accent walls don’t need to be flat…

If you really want the wow factor why not consider adding texture,  shapes and patterns to your design.  Lifting out key messages using 3d boxes are eye catching and creates a statement piece of art!

3D Feature Wall Graphic Arts Group
Using textures, patterns, images and text, a feature wall soon becomes a work of art!

Whatever space you have,  your creativity has no limits as to the feature or accent wall you could create. Our team have over 4 decades of experience working alongside our customers to create show stopping feature walls for offices, hospitals, hotels, retail spaces and schools.

If you’d like to see more examples of our feature or accent walls to inspire your next project,  get in touch with the team today,  we’d be glad to help.

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