Sign & Display

Vinyl Wall Graphics and a Fridge!

Vinyl Wall Graphics set the scene

Vinyl wall graphics are used in offices, hotels, schools, museums, transport hubs, leisure centres, pubs, shopping centres, the list goes on! Used to communicate brand messaging, the tone of voice will follow the brands and can be a mixture of images and text.

Utilising busy walk ways, key messaging is easy to communicate to a captive audience.

Wall Graphic in a hospital

When used in reception areas alongside digital screens and POS,  wall graphics bring messages to life.

Wall Graphics Promote Positivity

Walls are usually big spaces underutilised! They are magnificent bill boards for any space. With 100’s if not 1,000’s of eyes on them during any given day, more offices,  brands and businesses would do well to utilise them.

Wall Graphics you can write ideas on could transform your meeting room or reception area.

Wall Graphics you can write on

A simple message in a staff chill out area can help set the tone for the day.

With the right design and expert installation, any wall can become a message board for your brand.

But what about the Fridge?

Pretty much anything can be wrapped in vinyl,  we’ve done doors,  skate boards,  cars, walls, desks, and even fridges!

Our recent project included wrapping multiple fridge freezers within a new student accommodation block. Including vinyl wall graphics, the fridges also carried iconic images from around the Midlands to bring the region to life for students.

Printing and installing these wraps was done by our expert team who had to work around tricky handles and buttons!

What can we do for you?

Hopefully our examples have given you some inspiration! You really can utilise any space you have.


If you would like to discuss your space and see what you can do, just give one of our team a call 024 7667 3415,  we would be glad to help.