Temporary & Event Signage

Creating high impact brand experiences for events and spaces

Deliver Powerful and Cost-Effective Temporary & Event Signage Solutions

At Graphic Signs, we channel the creative prowess of our design team and the skilled craftsmanship of our sign makers to offer innovative Temporary & Event signage solutions across various sectors in the UK.

Permanent fixed signage solutions can often prove too costly and impractical for businesses that need to update their advertising regularly. That’s where our temporary signage comes in, offering a lightweight, cost-effective, and durable alternative. Our temporary signage provides you with the flexibility to replace your signage whenever you wish to advertise something new, all while maintaining the strength and durability needed for short-term usage.

For events, conferences, and exhibitions, our portable or suspended temporary signage offers an efficient and versatile way to guide visitors seamlessly. We specialise in creating high-quality, custom-made temporary hoardings and banners that are not only sturdy and stable but also incredibly user-friendly.

Advantages of Temporary & Event Signage

Cost-Effective Advertising

Temporary signage provides a budget-friendly solution for keeping your advertising messages up to date, without the expense of constantly updating permanent signs.


Our temporary signage offers the flexibility to change your messages or branding as often as needed, making it an ideal choice for dynamic businesses.


Despite their temporary nature, our signage solutions are built to be strong and durable, ensuring they can withstand short-term use effectively.

Practical Event Signage

For events, our custom temporary hoardings and banners offer a practical way to guide visitors and create a memorable and organized experience.

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Types of Temporary & Event Signage Solutions

We invite you to browse our variety of different temporary and event signage options below.

Temporary Signage for Businesses

Lightweight and cost-effective temporary signage that allows for regular updates and keeps your advertising fresh.

Event Signage

Custom-made, sturdy banners and hoardings for events, conferences, and exhibitions, providing clear guidance for visitors.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Temporary & Event Signage

A: We offer a range of customisation options, including various sizes, designs, and materials. Whether you need vibrant graphics or specific branding elements, we can tailor your temporary signage to your exact specifications.

A: Yes, we offer installation services for our event signage. Our experienced team will ensure that your event signage is properly and securely installed at the venue, saving you time and effort.

A: We strive to use environmentally friendly materials wherever possible. While some materials may be reused or recycled, it depends on the specific product. We can discuss sustainable options to meet your needs.

Elevate your advertising and event experiences with Graphic Signs’ innovative and cost-effective Temporary & Event signage solutions- let us transform your vision into a captivating reality.