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Stand Out from the Crowd with a Fabric Display!

If you’re looking to stand out at exhibitions and events with displays that are easy to use and look great, you should consider fabric displays! These stands are growing in popularity and it’s easy to see why.

Fabric displays offer great value and our curved fabric wall is becoming one of the most popular products across our display range. When you see the crisp graphics and high-quality materials that go into making them, it’s easy to see why they’re so popular. The fabric is high quality and fitted to the frame, the colours are vibrant, and the fabric sock can be printed on both sides offering more flexibility and even greater value. The aluminium frames are easy to set up and dismantle at events, and are compact and lightweight to store and transport. You can use fabric walls on their own, or alongside counters, discs, banners and/or arches from our fabric display range to maximise impact. Fabric displays also work with hanging monitors, brackets, and other accessories, and many options can now include lighting to illuminate the display.


Easy to Set Up

The logistics and practicalities of shipping, storing and setting up traditional stands caused problems for event professionals for years, fabric display stands are faster and easier to assemble, and lighter and smaller for shipping. The easy setup nature of fabric stands is the main reason why they’ve become popular and the aluminium frame is much lighter which makes transportation easier.



Fabric displays are highly flexible due to their lightweight construction. The fabric sock can be printed on both sides so you can maximise brand exposure or even have two designs printed so you can vary the message and design for specific events. The fabric walls, counters, arches and banners can be used inter-changeably depending on the space available and the layout required.



The sharpness and vibrancy of the colours printed on fabric stands are impressive and high quality. These displays tend to last longer simply because they require less handling than the traditional pop-up stands and are easier to store and assemble. Typically, you save money with a fabric display since you need to replace it less often.


Value for Money

Fabric stands offer a wide variety of design options depending on your budget and requirements. As your needs change, additional fabric stands can be ordered to add on and you can even order replacement fabric socks if you wish to vary your messaging or are going through a re-brand.

Storage, shipping, set up and breakdown costs are likely to be lower too due with fabric displays due to the ease of assembly and the lightweight aluminium frame.



Both the fabric covers and the aluminium frames are made of sturdy and long-lasting materials. The graphics from fabric displays are less likely to be damaged in storage than panels that are used with traditional pop-up stands, so you can rely on them to look great show after show.


Explore the Options….

You can explore how fabric displays could help you to achieve sharp, clear graphics full of rich colours at your own exhibitions by looking through our product range. Our experienced team will be very happy to have a chat with you about your specific requirements and to help you find the right fabric solutions for you. Give us a call on 024 7667 3415 or view the products below to find out more.