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5 Top Tips on Creating a Powerful Branded Environment

Branded environments come in many styles and hold many characteristics but one feature that is present in all, is their ability to influence the way employees, students and visitors feel in a positive manner.   Typically including a number of components, in particular large scale bespoke printed wall graphics and custom signage, they can be used with stunning effect to enhance any space.

When it comes to telling your story and delivering a complete brand experience, your branded environment can become your best asset, telling the value and culture of your brand through design and experience.

Here are 5 Top Tips on creating a powerful branded environment:

Make it more than a one-way dialogue.

The environment has to mean something to your target audience so make it resonate with them. Tell your story and inspire individuals and generate a feeling of belonging. It may be the story of your history or the vision for the future, either way you can inspire individuals to be a part of the story.

Doesn’t necessarily include brand

Make the environment tell your brand value for you. Leverage the quality and style to influence a visitor’s/user’s initial experience. It’s not just about ‘slapping’ your brand on the wall but rather using the space to tell your values and vision – through creative themes and innovative design.

Simple & clean

A branded environment is not meant to be cluttered. It should be simple and clean to enable the user to grasp the concept and the message it is conveying without having to explain explicitly. Let the innovation and creativity of your space do the hard work.

Use elements of location

Create a space that uses elements of geography. Localised themes might come from a surrounding landscape or particular geographic distinction; a mountain range, a waterfront, a hilltop.

Incorporate community

The materials you use to create your facilities and signage also play a role in a successful environment. Bring in features of your community, or heritage of your area – make it resonate with those interacting with it.

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