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Why There Is Still Room for Print Media in a Digital World

In today’s digital age, businesses have a plethora of marketing channels available to them, from social media to email marketing to online advertising. However, one marketing channel that remains just as relevant today as it was in the pre-digital era is print media. Despite the rise of digital marketing, print media still has enduring value in the corporate world, and businesses that create printed corporate marketing materials can benefit from incorporating it into their marketing strategies.

Let us tell you how…

Print media’s enduring value in a digital world

One of the unique benefits of print media is its tangibility. Unlike digital media, which can be ephemeral and easily forgotten, print media can be held, touched, and even kept as a keepsake. Print media has a sense of permanence that digital media cannot replicate, and this can give it a more significant impact on readers. In addition, print media has a credibility that digital media does not always have. With the rise of fake news and online scams, people are becoming more cautious about what they read online. Print media, on the other hand, is often seen as more trustworthy and reliable.

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Reach the digitally unreachable

While digital media is excellent for targeting specific audiences and tracking results, print media can reach a broader audience and provide a more immersive experience, especially for those individual who may not be reachable by modern digital means.

According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), as of January 2022, 97% of households in Great Britain had internet access, it’s worth noting that there are still some segments of the population that may be harder to reach through digital marketing. For example, older adults and other potential target audiences have been shown to be less likely to use digital devices or engage with online advertising.

Additionally, while most people have access to the internet, not all of them are equally reachable through digital marketing. Some individuals may use ad blockers or be more resistant to online advertising, which can make it challenging to effectively reach and engage with them through digital channels.

Create real-world experiences

While digital media offers flexibility and the ability to tailor messages to different audiences, it lacks the ability to deliver real-world experiences that go beyond simply the visual sense. High resolution printing is often more impactful and vivid than online versions, which is particularly important if your brand has a specific image and feeling to portray. Print media can also be used to create tactile and interactive experiences, such as die-cutting, embossing, and even scenting, which can engage the senses and leave a lasting impression. Recent studies have suggested that smells have a much more profound impact on the memory than visuals, meaning there may be a better way for your brand to be remembered than simply a nice digital picture!

The complementary relationship between print and digital media

Print and digital media do not have to be mutually exclusive; in fact, they can, and often do, work together to create a more effective marketing campaign. For example, businesses can use print media to drive traffic to their digital channels, such as by including QR codes or personalized URLs in printed materials. Conversely, digital media can be used to enhance the effectiveness of print media by providing additional information, such as by including links to online resources or videos.

Moreover, businesses can use print and digital media in combination to target different segments of their audience. While younger generations may be more digitally savvy and prefer to consume information online, older generations may still prefer print media. By using both print and digital media in their marketing strategies, businesses can reach a broader audience and maximize their impact.

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In conclusion, print media still has a valuable role to play in the digital age, and businesses that create printed corporate marketing materials can benefit from using it in combination with digital media. Print media’s enduring tangibility, credibility, and complementary relationship with digital media make it a powerful tool for reaching audiences and achieving marketing objectives.

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