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Why Use Purchasing Frameworks?


What’s the ‘big deal’ with frameworks?

As you may already be aware, a purchasing framework is an umbrella agreement between a customer and a supplier. It sets out standards that need to be met on any job that is being commissioned under the framework.

The framework can set out the terms, prices, quality and conditions in advance, giving reassurance on both sides of the agreement and setting expectations before work takes place.

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Why do customers use purchasing frameworks?

This type of arrangement works well for the customer because it saves time and money as you can start with an ‘approved’ list of suppliers that are trustworthy and can provide what you need within the pre-agreed guidelines/standards. It also gives the customers an opportunity to develop long term relationships with suppliers they may use again and again over time.


Why do suppliers want to be approved on a purchasing framework?

Becoming part of a purchasing framework can be a difficult process depending on the measures put in place by the awarding bodies. It takes time to put together applications and provide evidence of that a supplier can offer the products within the specifications outlined in the framework.

So why would a supplier take the time to put in all this effort? The answer is simple… once on the framework, they know that they are competing on a level playing field with other suppliers. The customers know they can get what they want from the approved list and the process to bid for work is more straightforward for everyone – potentially resulting in more work for the supplier.


So, what are the overall advantages of using frameworks for everyone?

– Cost-effective contracting, reducing overall costs for contracting work
– Freeing up time and resources, the process is more straightforward and saves on admin costs
– Relationship building, helping to grow business through partnerships
– Offering a ‘menu’ of suppliers up front, regardless of the differing needs for each project
Enhancing efficiency, streamlining processes to create best practice methods
– Innovative solutions, offering ‘new’ ideas and partnerships that might not have been considered without the framework
– Creating long term value, long term planning allows for cost efficiencies in ordering stock/materials
– Creating confidence, the framework is competitive which means everyone is getting the best price for what is being supplied


How does Graphic Signs feel about frameworks?

At Graphic Signs, we’ve considered the benefits of frameworks and we’ve made these a priority in our day to day work. By becoming part of frameworks and by putting in the time and effort we know we’re on a competitive playing field with other suppliers.

The consideration of ‘what’ frameworks to focus on is a completely different question. To understand why we’ve become part of the frameworks we’ve joined have a look at the areas they cover and some detail for each. Each of the frameworks links to a case study for a project that was done withing the framework agreement.


NEUPC Framework (North Eastern Universities Purchasing Consortium)Higher Education sector, aims to maximise university resources and that of the wider public sector
YPO Framework – Public Sector Frameworks for everything from Buildings and Construction to Health and Social care (and everything in-between!)
ESPO Framework – Public Sector, it supports over 157 framework categories
CPC Framework (Crescent Purchasing Consortium)– Educational organisations sector specific

By focusing on these areas, Graphic Signs has been able to support our current clients more easily but also branch out to other organisations that rely on the framework for ease of procurement. The frameworks have helped us to focus on specific sectors to support.

Get in touch with the Graphic Signs team today if you want to speak to us about the frameworks or the work we’ve done. We’re happy to help with your signage needs.


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