The Project

With investment of over £54m into a new state of the art research building on the Gibbet Hill campus, the new Interdisciplinary Biomedical Research Building (IBRB) brings together researchers from across the School of Life and Sciences along with Warwick Medical School, at a state-of-the-art research facility in the heart of Warwick.

Providing a world class training environment for future generations of biomedical researchers, the new 7000 sqm building contains a spectacular 400-seat lecture theatre, research laboratories, office spaces, and social spaces. The new building encourages a collaborative approach to the challenges facing biomedical research and will facilitate the growth of undergraduate schemes and student experiences at the university.

To ensure a seamless and comfortable journey throughout the building, as well as promoting the values of the university’s commitment to research excellence, Graphic Arts Group was tasked with delivering a variety of high-quality internal branding solutions for the new IBRB building.


The Brief

Working alongside the main building contractors (Willmott Dixon) and key stakeholders of the IBRB project management team, Graphic Arts Group identified a project scope that would comprehensively cover a range of internal signage solutions for the building.

During this stage we developed the colour schemes and design specifications to complement the world-class timber and concrete interior design of the building, that embodies its sustainable design credentials.


The Solution

Navigating the 5 floors of newly built modern building required a range of internal wayfaring sign solutions that would provide the reassurance and clarity for students, staff, and visitors upon entering the new building for the first time, or navigating around a complex mix of labs, offices and learning spaces.

Upon entering the main foyer area, and strategically placed in other key high-footfall areas of the building, are a selection of large wall mounted navigation menu signs that allow for clear understanding of what facilities are contained on each floor.

These large steel cut signs are finished in matt black with contrasting built up and high definition printed white text. Highly visible from a distance, they offer a clear starting point for navigating the building.

To support and complement the main informational signage, a selection of internal signs work in unison to create a clear, comprehensive, and comfortable visitor journey, delivering a clear message of what to expect within each space.

Built-up stainless-steel signage, finished in the same black colour tones, embellish specific areas of the building to identify key areas. Meanwhile, the entrance to each office, lab, or research space is made clear with 3D fret cut acrylic signage.

All our internal signs were designed, manufactured, and installed by the expert team at Graphic Arts Group, ensuring the highest quality and brand synergy across the building.

As a modern learning space, inclusivity and ease of use was of utmost importance when considering internal wayfaring. Supporting the directional and text signs throughout the building are a comprehensive selection of easily identifiable graphics and universally recognised images. These images not only support foreign students who may not be able to understand the main signs, but also provides simple visual support for any visitor who may struggle to understand conventional directional signage. These considerations include visual ‘cues’ and universally recognised imagery, colour and contrast theory, the relationship of text and imagery and strategic positioning around the building. By considering these needs it is possible to provide valuable visual assistance that supports inclusivity.

Further emphasising the modern focus on inclusivity, Graphic Arts Group also provided braille and tactile signage within high footfall areas that would allow visually impaired visitors to navigate the building with ease.

Each solution installed needed to be manufactured to cope with the demands of a busy internal environment where they would often be inadvertently physically interacted with by students passing through the area. To overcome this challenge, each of our internal signs were manufactured from robust, high-quality materials and fitted by our team of experts to ensure longevity.


The Result

Delivering a broad selection of stylish internal signage solutions that complemented the modern, contemporary building design demonstrated the breadth of solutions available from Graphic Arts Group.

Designed with meticulous attention to detail, precision manufactured with the highest quality finishes and strategically installed with exactitude, the signage solution provided to the IBRB building was the perfect solution for this state-of-the-art research facility.

With a strong understanding of inclusivity, there is a sense of comfort and ease within the environment. This will help students and researchers spend less time worrying about finding their way around, and more time conducting research that could change the lives of millions of people in the future.


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