The Project

Internationally renowned for research excellence, having been classified as “world leading” in 2021, Warwick Manufacturing Group (WMG) is a fundamental part of the University of Warwick’s dedication to offering “internationally excellent” research and development.

Founded in 1980 with a vision to create tangible links between education and industry, WMG now offers over a wide variety of technical higher education courses that successfully combine collaborative research and development with educational programmes working in applied science, technology, and engineering.

Looking to further enhance the external appeal and attract new students, as well as promote the brand values throughout their 6 research centres, WMG turned to Graphic Arts Group to deliver a variety of high quality internal and external branding solutions for their current campus buildings.


The Brief

Following an extensive period of collaboration with the WMG marketing team, facilities management team and PO’Sh Creative, the WMG’s creative design agency, two major aims were identified for the project:

1/ Enhance WMG branding across 6 research centres on the external entrance and internal reception areas

2/ Promote and communicate WMG core values within their learning spaces

Once these 2 major project aims were acknowledged, Graphic Arts Group began identifying branding solutions and produced several printed prototypes.

Ensuring transparent and detailed communication throughout this fundamental stage in the process ensures the final designs exceed the high standards of the WMG, and accurately communicate the core values and mission set out by the WMG upon their inception over 40 years ago.

The Solution

With external visibility and recognition acknowledged as a success factor for the WMG, several large scale, high-definition exterior signs were created for key buildings within the group. Two of the most prominent signs adorn the entrance to the International Manufacturing Centre building. Spanning the breadth of an architectural archway that frames the entrance to the building, each sign was intelligently designed to be equally functional, aesthetically pleasing, and communicative.

Upon approaching the building as an external visitor, the large rectangular brushed steel sign is a identification marker for the building. It clearly displays the WMG logo and building name and sits against a metallic background that perfectly conveys the industrial engineering and fabrication ethos that takes places within this educational setting. Contrastingly, the opposite side of the archway canopy accurately depicts the brand motto of “research with impact education for life” with precise use of WMG colours and brand guidelines that provide synergy with the signage throughout the WMG.

Cleverly drawing the eye down to the entrance door is a triangular glass vinyl printed in the same colour as the main exterior sign, providing a creative design touch that further supports the imaginative and innovative nature of the WMG. A brand theme across all the building externals, Graphic Arts Group created similar vivid wedge-shaped vinyls for several of the building entrances. These are all accompanied by crosshatched-effect glass manifestations, that help students and visitors to identify entrance points.

Internally, we manufactured and installed several large wall vinyl signs that feature on key areas.

Situated within high footfall areas of each building these internal vinyl signs were created to welcome students and visitors and deliver a clear message of what to expect within each building.

A combination of high-definition photography that portrayed the work that takes place within each space, as well as clear, high-definition printed motivational statements, consistently reinforces the brand message of the WMG throughout each of the spaces and provides brand consistency throughout each of the 6 WMG buildings.

Installing signage within spaces identified as high footfall areas required each solution to cope with the demands of a busy space.

To overcome this challenge, a high tack vinyl designed for internal walls in high traffic areas, with a durable anti-scuff laminate finish was used, providing peace of mind that each sign would have longevity that matched the quality finish.

One of the most striking and powerful wall graphics is situated within the reception area of one of the main buildings. Mimicking the crosshatch branding of the external glass etchings, the huge wall art graphic spans the length of the reception area, containing both images of students and WMG mantras that perfectly emphasise the expectations and aims of the group to anyone passing through the area.


The Result

Delivering a comprehensive signage solution, both externally and within each WMG building, the completed result is a great example of successful professional collaboration.

Visually striking signage, vivid colour printing and meticulous attention to detail within the design and installation perfectly communicates the elements of creative design, accurate technical manufacturing, and precision that the WMG have strived for 4 decades to become synonymous for.

Showcasing the breadth of our solutions available, both within design, manufacture and installation of exterior and interior branding solutions, this project allowed Graphic Arts to support WMG in creating a welcoming student-focused space that is both contemporary and inspirational for anyone who steps foot within a WMG building



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