We often tackle jobs that require a wide variety of signage styles and options to meet the needs of a customer in one overall package. This sort of job helps us think strategically around the space we’re working in and lets us stretch our creative side in materials used and colour matching.

The Eatwise café is a great example of this – it was a complete Café rebrand which required us to utilise our wide knowledge and experience base to come up with a complete solution. This meant the café didn’t have to rely on more than one supplier, making the project run more smoothly and efficiently.

We worked directly with the Café and liaised with the creative agency they commissioned, acting as the creative editor that was able to translate the design work into a real product using materials they both preferred. We were able to bring different sides of the project together to create a signage solution for the overall venue, with consistency in brand throughout.

The job presented a few creative challenges in the types of materials, the space and layout of the café, and the vision that the customer had at the start of the project.

Eatwise wanted to fit out their newly refurbished café with signage to help promote healthy and mindful eating. It was extremely important to them that the values of the brand were communicated clearly in the signage style and messaging.

The café had worked with a design agency to create their new Eatwise brand. Once the branding elements were agreed, it was up to the Graphic Signs team to implement the vision and design to make it a tangible reality.

There were a lot of different elements of signage with everything from wood to acrylic throughout. The café had a strong sense of what they wanted to achieve in regard to atmosphere and Graphic Signs were able to offer options available to meet their needs as well as fit within the agreed design. Specifically, they requested elements of beech wood be incorporated to match with the décor and refurbishment.

Not only were we able to incorporate wood as a key material in some of the signs, but we also provided some very complex and detailed signs. The list of signs provided is impressive when you consider the volume and variety in one job.

Eatwise were extremely happy with the end product and how we were able to bring their brand to life through various materials and communicate the values in the signage provided

This sort of job highlights our ability to bring all the elements of branding, print and materials knowledge together into one package. The Café was able to get what they wanted all in one place – Graphic Signs provided different materials and different production methods to get one finished project

Working with one supplier, like Graphic Signs, is important because it gives the customer confidence, they know they’re getting brand consistency and colour matching through multiple substrates and print methods (a tough task at the best of times). Using a supplier that can do this all under one roof is quicker, more cost effective and gives the customer greater peace of mind

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