The Brief

Atkore is a leading manufacturer of electrical conduit, fittings, cable management systems, and safety products. We’ve had the privilege of working with Atkore recently who have been a valued client for several years.

Recent expansion of their facilities in West Bromwich meant a new building with new signage and they wanted a more prominent version of their logo displayed. Atkore was seeking to enhance the visibility of their brand and they approached Graphic Signs with the large-scale job to help them achieve this.

The Project

The scale of the signage project presented a distinct set of requirements for Atkore. The substantial sign measured 10m x 2.5m, with specific obstacles posed by the building’s rounded cladding and site location. The elevated nature of the installation site added complexity to the project, demanding careful consideration of both design and structural elements. Atkore needed a team that would easily be able to analyse the project requirements in order to offer a cost-effective solution for such a large-scale sign.

Previous work and our demonstration of ability meant Graphic Signs was trusted with the work. Our ongoing relationship with Atkore provided the reassurance they needed; we are a partner they can trust to solve issues with ease. Our problem-solving approach and attention to detail made the project run smoothly. The Graphic Signs team was able to offer a full service from design and production to delivery and installation, making the job easier for Atkore as they didn’t have to include multiple suppliers.

The Solution

Graphic Signs devised an effective and detailed solution to meet Atkore’s specifications. The team opted for 3mm thick aluminium flat cut letters, providing sturdiness while keeping a manageable weight. The letters were powder-coated to match Atkore’s branded green colour, ensuring a seamless integration with their corporate identity. The process involved attaching the individual letters to bars before securing them to a cladding frame, addressing the challenges posed by the sign’s weight, we needed to ensure there was even weight distribution for safety and stability.

Signage Features

The chosen aluminium signage adhered to industry standards for robustness, similar to those used in road signs. This was key to ensuring the stability that was required and additionally it provided reassurance that it would withstand adverse weather conditions without compromising the structural integrity of the building. The distinctive and imposing nature of the signs made them a standout feature, effectively enhancing Atkore’s brand visibility.

The Result

Graphic Signs successfully delivered two large and stunning signs on different elevations of Atkore’s new building. The road-facing sign and the one positioned over the entrance/reception area achieved the desired prominence of their brand, creating a striking visual impact. Graphic Signs not met the requirements posed by the building’s design but also showcased our commitment to engineering excellence and reliability. The signs now serve as prominent features, contributing to Atkore’s strong and recognisable brand presence.


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