Graphic Signs and Hilton Hotels have cultivated a thriving partnership focused on diverse event branding within their hotel space. As a well-respected name in the hospitality sector, Hilton had a need for consistent and impactful event branding aligned with their reputation for high quality. Graphic Signs stepped in to provide a reliable and creative solution with an ongoing event partnership that ensures Hilton’s event space undergoes seamless transformations for each occasion, meeting their event branding needs swiftly and effectively.


Branding Confidence for Every Event

This collaboration showcases how Graphic Signs can make a single venue adopt diverse identities. The Hilton hosts many varied events, each with their own specific moods and messages to convey. This means that it is pivotal that their event branding allows the same space to be seamlessly transformed to represent the unique identity of each occasion.

Graphic Signs proudly provides this service for Hilton ensuring consistency in quality that aligns with Hilton’s brand standards across every event. Their seamless integration of adaptable branding elements into the venue has become integral to the Hilton event experience, offering options that perfectly complement the hotel’s atmosphere.

The trust between Graphic Signs and Hilton is evident in the effortless service flow. Hilton can confidently advise their event clients to work directly with Graphic Signs for top-notch event branding. This not only enhances their service offerings but also allows them to focus on other areas of event hosting with confidence that the branding will align with their reputation for high standards.


Simplified Process & Quick Turnarounds

This ongoing partnership with Hilton helps us to simplify the branding process. We’re able to build familiarity with the venue, allowing us to create a menu of branding options that can be offered to help tailor the space. This allows for the client to create a seamless brand experience through event signage, leaving a lasting impression.

This provides convenient options for clients including sizes and templates, whilst remaining open to customisations for unique requests. Having this approach ensures a smooth, flexible event branding process with quick turnarounds, which is key for successful event planning.


Ultimately, this partnership demonstrates how a well-established brand like Hilton can leverage a creative alliance to enhance its event hosting services and confidently offer tailored experiences, setting a benchmark for successful collaborations in the hospitality industry.

If you’re interested in partnering with experts when it comes to branding your event space, get in touch with our team today to find out how we can help make your visions a reality.

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