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Road Signs, are you in the 62% that get confused?

A study by 1st Central revealed 62% of those surveyed admitted to being confused by road signs whilst driving. A further 60% went on to state they didn’t feel confident they would pass their theory test due to their lack of knowledge of road signs.

There are a few around our office that can relate to this! It does get you thinking about signage in general. We’ve all seen posts on social with epic signage fails but there are some basic considerations to make when thinking of your signage:


A sign on or after the point of making a decision will lead to confusion and often panic! People or vehicles heading the wrong way can cause chaos.

Use the stairs sign, next to the lift

Multiple Signs in one place

A sea of signs at a single point will usually result in every sign being missed. If we don’t see a simple message straight away whilst moving, we guess!

Simplify the message

Consideration to how the viewer will digest the information is key. If using arrows, do they point in the right direction? If you have multiple departments to sign, have you grouped similar ones together so the view can identify them quickly?

Instructions are clearly laid out and in the right position

Neglecting your sign

Overgrown hedges, broken signs, defaced or signs put in places they maybe obstructed render your sign useless. Taking some consideration to the long-term life of the sign’s placement should help with this.

Just getting it wrong

Social has allowed for many signs to go viral. Typo’s, inappropriate messaging with inaccurate interpretations or simply failing to create enough impact for your sign to be seen.

Turnkey solutions that help you get it right

When you work with us, you are selecting a partner with an expert team that all bring their own individual knowledge to your project. We can survey your site, mapping out your needs to ensure the right signage is used in the right place. We advise on the best options using the latest technology as well as fully install.


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