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Ceiling Graphics Update Gloomy Rooms

When thinking about giving a gloomy room a make-over,  do you think about the ceiling? Probably not!  Unless you’re visiting a historical building,  you might not look up. But the ceiling does have a big impact on the overall ambience of a room or given space.

Manifestation ceiling graphics will be a real light bulb moment

Look around the room you are sat in, it might be an office, it might be a meeting room, a waiting room or even a treatment room. Imagine seeing a view you love.  The ocean, a mountain range,  woods with sunlight beaming through branches to a bluebell filled floor.  Now close your eyes and imagine you can see it,  right there wherever you are.

How much better would that room be? If you are in a treatment room, would it help to relax you?

Treatment rooms get an instant lift with ceiling graphics
There is no limitation to the design you can use on ceiling graphics

We can source an image for you or use the one you have. Easily fitted in to existing suspended ceilings, you can select 1 tile or all of them to create your vision. We can even illuminate the area where current light panels are placed.

Graphic Manifestations on windows create a feeling of space
Create a space with wow factor

We can combine your vision from floor to ceiling. Using ceiling tiles, wall graphics and then floor graphics,  you could have a full 360 degree view. Using manifestation graphics we can include any windows, handy if the view is not up to scratch or you just need some privacy.  These can also let in light and create fantastic results.  Popular in treatment rooms, hospitals, waiting rooms and offices, your visitors will be put at ease quickly with a thoughtful design.


Increase productivity in meeting rooms

Whatever your project vision,  work with our experienced team to create a flawless finish. or call 024 7667 3415