Sign & Display Thinking Out Loud

Back to Learning. Safely

Playing Catch up

With months of study time lost or at least diluted, students all over the world are for once, united in wanting to return to study.  The impact of Covid will be felt for years to come with our younger generations sited to be impacted the most.

Reducing the risk and increasing confidence 

As Universities welcome back their students, they have had to review how life at the Uni needs to change.  This has been a mixture of online studying, one-way systems and restrictions on student movements.

Opening up lecture theatres for face to face study is achieved through simple measures. Hand sanitising stations, wearing of masks and for extra protection and reassurance, safety screens.

In the early days of covid, screens were cumbersome and a desperate measure.  Now, they can be considered and fitting in to the environment in a less obtrusive way

Adapt and overcome

Universities aren’t the only ones having to adjust to the new normal. Offices, hospitals,  reception areas,  schools and retailers have all had to take steps to encourage social distancing of both staff and visitors.

We have a range of social distancing signage, POS,  face coverings,  sanitiser dispensers and safety screens that can be off the shelf or created bespoke to your needs