The Project

Green Bio Fuels (GBF), a forward-thinking company specialising in environmentally friendly fuel solutions, approached Graphic Signs to rejuvenate three large fuel tanks, each measuring 6.5 meters in height and width.

The tanks required extensive refurbishment, including stripping, sanding, priming, and painting. Graphic Signs was asked to enhance the aesthetics and visibility of these fuel tanks, with the aim of turning them into impactful branded assets.


The Brief

Upon initial consultation, it became apparent that performing the renovation during the winter months was not ideal due to the weather conditions. As a result, the project was rescheduled for the spring of the following year.

The goal was to create eye-catching and durable graphics that would not only enhance the appearance of the fuel tanks but also communicate the Green Bio Fuels brand message effectively.

The project timeline spanned nearly three months, beginning with a comprehensive survey of the fuel tanks.


The Solution

During the bidding process, Graphic Signs stood out for our exceptional customer service and we were competitively chosen to proceed with the partnership despite not being the lowest-cost option. The team demonstrated responsiveness and professionalism, instilling trust in Green Bio Fuels that Graphic Signs was the right choice to deliver the desired quality overall service package.

Graphic Signs provided large-scale custom artwork designs to meet the branding requirements of Green Bio Fuels, ensuring that the graphics would be visually appealing. We also had to consider the seaside location of the fuel tanks and the materials used. Marine grade vinyl wraps were used to offer a durable long term solution.

As the painting phase of the project commenced, our dedicated team worked to complete it in approximately four weeks, overcoming challenges posed by the weather conditions, proving the adaptability and resourcefulness you can expect from experts in their field.

The Result

In early September, after painting was completed, Graphic Signs installed the custom graphics on the fuel tanks. The transformation was nothing short of remarkable. The fuel tanks evolved from dull industrial structures to visually striking, branded assets that effectively represented Green Bio Fuels’ commitment to sustainability and innovation.

Projects & Operations Manager at Green Bio Fuels was thrilled with the result saying, “Fantastic job mate. What a difference!”

Graphic Signs delivered on our promise, exceeding client expectations. This showcases the value of exceptional customer service and the power of effective graphic design in transforming the perception of a brand and its facilities.

Graphic Signs is proud to have played a pivotal role in Green Bio Fuels’ mission to make a positive impact on the environment while enhancing its visual identity.

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