The new Electronic Patient Record (EPR) system was rolled out for the University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire (UHCW) NHS Trust. This is part of a massive undertaking with plans for all NHS Trusts to be using their own EPR system by 2026.

Graphic Signs has enjoyed working with the Trust to help with signage as part of a wider communication strategy to keep everyone informed on their Coventry, Walsgrave and Rugby, St Cross hospital sites for the project.

The change over to the new EPR system is the largest ever transformation for the management of patient records in NHS history. It will help to support the care that everyone receives by replacing all paper-based notes and combining all digital systems into one place.

The transition to the fully digital system is a great example of a change management project that requires clear communication on a large scale. The national campaign was set, and each individual Trust was asked to implement their own strategy to meet the needs of their facilities.

Graphic Signs were able to support in the signage project by specifying the materials needed to make the best use of the branding and imagery provided. We then manufactured everything and installed signs on each site. A review was done to ensure that signs were placed in areas where there is high pedestrian traffic for staff, visitors and patients including car parks, reception and waiting areas and staff only lounges.

The signage also had to communicate different messages to different audiences as staff were informed of training sessions and patients were given prompts for the implementation.

This is a great example of a ‘temporary event signage’ project. The event itself is the roll-out of a new system but it will have an impact across the physical sites, as well as the services provided throughout.

There’s signage that gave information prior to the event, during that transition, and this will also be changed again and updated for follow-up and continued support as the sites adjust to the new way of working. The NHS is working hard to keep everyone informed of the change in system to help improve the patient experience and the care provided through quick access to full records. The signage aims to support the smooth and safe care journey for patients.

For more information about the EPR system please visit the UHCW NHS Trust website

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